Xbox Series X restock date: here’s when to buy the Microsoft console – get it fast

The next Microsoft Xbox Series X restock could be hours away, according to our Xbox restock tracker Matt Swider. He’ll allow you to get alerts for when the hard-to-buy console is back in stock – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. When will the new Xbox restock? We suspect Sunday night as we’ve seen the official Microsoft Xbox store restock the Xbox Series X console two out of the last three weeks on Sunday night into Monday morning at 12am EDT / 9pm PDT.

You’ll see Matt send an Xbox Series X restock Twitter alert pointing you to Microsoft. Matt Swider is also tracking the hard-to-buy Microsoft console at 11 additional stores around the US, including Target, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy.

Here’s an example of an alert if you follow Matt Swider Xbox restock Twitter account. This happened two Sundays ago at night (Monday morning) during the second wave of consoles.

Xbox Series X restock

(Image credit: Matt Swider / Twitter)

Will Xbox Series X restock?

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