Why the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition matters, even if the games are old as hell

No offense to the remaining games on 2021’s release calendar, but the thing I’m most excited about playing on Christmas Day this year is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Rockstar Games’ Definitive Edition will offer quality-of-life improvements to all three of GTA’s PS2 entries, including better aiming and reworked visuals, while retaining the original essence of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. The art style is drawing some mixed responses, and I think they’ve got Tommy Vercetti’s hair all wrong, but generally my first reaction is positive. 

So, what is the essence of those PS2 games? Well, to be brutal, the first three 3D GTA entries were devoid of checkpoints, rife with difficulty spikes and weighed down by stiff driving and shooting controls, even for the time. To pick up and play now, they’re a bumpy ride for anyone used to playing the far more comfortable GTA 5, which has better shooting, driving and pretty much everything else. That’s why the Definitive Edition upgrade is so welcome. 

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