What is an AppImage? – What are AppImages?


What is an AppImage?

An AppImage is a program or software that can be executed on most Linux Operating Systems without being installed. You simply download the AppImage format of the program you want and when you click on the file, the program runs without installing! Everything needed for the program to run is included in the file so there are no additional dependencies needed for the file to run. You may have to mark the file executable on some Linux OS’s but its very simple to do. They are basically the equivalent to Windows Portable Apps, for those familiar to Microsoft.

What is the Benefit of Using AppImages?

AppImages are incredibly useful to keep an Operating System lean and fast for years. Since they are not installed on the Operating System, the core system files remain pristine without the clutter and alteration that often occur on installation-uninstallation of programs. Linux has typically been good in this department but in the last few years the popular Linux OS’s have gained in size at the cost of performance. You do not need a huge 4 or 8GB bloated Operating System, the smaller size OS the better. On a clean install of a minimal Linux OS utilizing Appimages instead of installing software you will see the best performance and responsive improvements from everyday tasks to intensive computing. Troubleshooting is very simple and confined to the users directory since the system files are not touched. I have been utilizing this type of combination for a few years with great success without any OS issue whatsoever.

AppImage Linux Applications

You can find almost every popular Linux software in AppImage format in a few Directories listed here along with some popular apps with more direct links to each.