VW T7 Multivan MPV/camper extends versatility with multitool table

Volkswagen continues teasing the new T7 Multivan ahead of its debut in June. Along with previously detailed updates, the newest generation of the versatile MPV will feature a multipurpose table that can slide the length of the van and secure in front of or between the seats in any of the three rows. It becomes a center console for the driver and front passenger, a toy chest for kids in the rear seats, or a full dining table for van campers.

Volkswagen already previewed how it’s repackaging the Multivan interior, and among the generational interior updates are the elimination of the three-seat bench in favor of individual seats, the clearing of space between the driver and front passenger seat, and the lengthening of the floor rail system. All three of those updates underpin the Multivan’s most versatile table yet.

The new multifunctional table secures to the floor rails, which run from the tailgate through to the front row. By pressing one of the hand clasps on the base, occupants can slide the table along the flat floor and reposition it around the interior. By pressing both clasps, they can remove the table entirely. With its two leaves folded down, the table becomes an automotive console with three cupholders and a storage bin. It can secure right between any of the two seats in each of the three rows.

The folding table spreads its wings

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For use as a table, a height adjustment lifts the top up to table height and the left and right leaves fold up into a tabletop. Secure it between the rear-facing second-row seats and front-facing third-row seats, and it becomes a camper-style dining table to complement the Multivan’s traditional camper-style folded bed. The table’s lifting function also opens access to lower storage compartments capable of holding larger drink bottles or children’s toys.

The flexible console can be particularly handy to the driver and front passenger. Without a fixed console, transmission hardware or a handbrake, the new Multivan allows for easy, RV-style pass-through between the driver cab and rear cabin. The sliding console allows the front occupants to enjoy the advantage of center console storage without losing that pass-through freedom. They can simply move the multifunctional table/console out of the way and climb through to the rear.

Volkswagen previews the shape and style of the new T7 Multivan
Volkswagen previews the shape and style of the new T7 Multivan

VW Commercial Vehicles

Another slick trick Volkswagen could potentially use the new floor rail design for is a sliding 12-V drinks fridge that could swap in for the multifunctional table, moving around the interior to best accommodate the passengers inside. It could look something like this one sold by Reimo or this Dometic CFD 11 but with purpose-fit hardware for the T7 Multivan floor rail system, securing between seats or seating rows for easy access. Leave it up front for single- or two-person rides, or move it back for more fully loaded trips with up to seven passengers.

Volkswagen hasn’t mentioned anything like that multi-position fridge, but we’re penning it into our list of wants — perhaps it’ll be Teaser #17 of 20.

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