Verizon’s latest free iPhone 11 promo is one of the best iPhone deals this year

Quietly tucked away over at the carrier’s site is perhaps one of the best Verizon iPhone deals ever on the slightly older (but still exceptional) iPhone 11. Right now you can pick up this flagship device for free with a new unlimited plan with a total saving of $699.

Free iPhone deals over at Verizon aren’t particularly rare – it’s actually a common promotion. However, we’re used to seeing this sort of ‘free with a new plan’ promotion on cheaper devices, like the iPhone SE or iPhone XR – not on flagship devices like the iPhone 11. Even if this device is a little older now, it’s still a very powerful phone indeed, and, since it still retails for $699.99 new (compared to the SE’s $399), you’re getting absolutely stellar bang for the buck here. 

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