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Vegas Pro 19 is a new spin on the classic video editing software. New name, new features – but is it the same old Vegas underneath?

Vegas has always been a bit of a dice-roll. In our Vegas Movie Studio 17 review, the video editor scored a decidedly average 2.5 stars (the same goes for Vegas Movie Studio 15). We slammed the software for being “not good as the Vegas name would lead you to believe. Your options are limited, or needlessly hidden, overly complex or confusing, and although some tools are implemented in a very clever, original, and intuitive way, on the whole it feels too limiting aside from your most basics of needs” 

But we are all a work in progress. So it goes for Vegas Pro 19, which now packs a range of new tools suitable for beginners and veteran video editors alike, even if it doesn’t ranks as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro

Screenshot of Vegas Pro 19 video editing software

Subtle positive changes to the interface include pastel colors for the video layer numbers.  (Image credit: Future)

Color touches

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