The best cheap PlayStation VR bundles, prices and deals in November 2021

Midway through October – and with Black Friday 2021 on the horizon – we can confirm that PlayStation VR deals are still impossible to find right now. Sony has announced that a new PSVR 2 model is on its way and so stock of the previous bundles has dwindled to nothing. Incredibly, we can’t find anywhere for you to buy it brand new in the UK or the US. Don’t expect to find it cheap in the Black Friday sales: your only option is to go second hand or risk an import from another country. We definitely wouldn’t recommend the latter.

Now, these shortages make sense when you consider that Sony recently announced a new PlayStation VR system is in the works. This “next-generation VR system” will be coming to PlayStation 5, as revealed in a recent blog post. Your best option is to wait until we have more info on this and look to buy the new PSVR 2.

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