Sony PS4 review | TechRadar

Right now, the ‘PS4 Slim’ is the PS4 console that you’re going to be able to pick up brand new. It offers the same insides as the original 2013 PS4 but comes with the benefit of a more sleek design. It’s still a fantastic console – and we say that knowing full well what the premium capabilities of the 4K-enabled PS4 Pro and the new, ultra-powerful PS5 can do.

Many PS4 models have now been discontinued since the launch of the PS5 but the PS4 Slim is still available and with Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday approaching, you might just find some very reasonably priced PS4 bundles in the sales. Of course, for the sake of future-proofing and 4K gaming, you might actually be better off trying to get your hands on a PS5 Black Friday bundle

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