Sony A80K review: an ideal mid-range OLED TV for movie lovers

Sony A80K: Two-minute review

Sony’s A80K lies in the middle of the company’s OLED TV line for 2022, and is priced notably lower than the A95K QD-OLED models perched at the top. Even so, the performance delivered by the 65-inch A80K set we tested proved it to be a great all-around offering for the price, and one that provides some competition to LG’s similarly priced C2 OLED TVs.

While the LG C2 models rely on that company’s webOS platform for streaming and other smart TV tasks, Sony’s A80K features the tried-and-true Google TV platform with a useful Google Assistant feature that lets you speak commands directly into the remote control’s hidden mic. Google TV’s app selection hits all the high points (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.), and the screen layout can be customized to highlight your regularly visited destinations.

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