Sleep tracking might be one of your smartwatch’s most important features

As part of my ongoing running challenge to run or walk nearly 2,300 miles in two years, I’m having to use smartwatches, fitness trackers and running watches to account for all the journeys I make. Short run? Track it. Walk to the store? Slap that band on. Walk to the toilet? Let’s get those steps in.

Where am I?

End to End

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Column number: 7
Date written: 27/05/21
Days in: 87
Current location: Stanton, MO
Distance traveled:  364.44 miles
Distance left: 1913.56 miles
Current tracker: Polar Vantage M2

The one area I haven’t been monitoring as much with these devices is my sleep. That’s in part because big watches can be annoying to wear at night; partly because some trackers can be poor at accurately judging when you go to bed; and also because I just didn’t know what to do with the sleep data collected.

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