Samsung S95B review: top TV performance from next-gen QD OLED tech

Samsung S95B: One-minute review

It’s here: the Samsung S95B. After years of dissing the technology, Samsung has launched an OLED TV. Kind of. For while Samsung has oddly decided to describe the S95B as just another OLED, in truth it’s more than that. Tucked away in its screen is actually a whole new type of OLED technology – one that combines the famous self-emissive properties of OLED with the brightness and color range potential of QLED.

The platform for this new technology to take on the best OLED TVs is almost absurdly cutting edge, courtesy of a screen no deeper round the back than your average drinks coaster. In this S95B review, we’re looking a TV that has had the kitchen sink thrown at it, with Samsung’s latest AI-inspired picture processor, a massively comprehensive and re-designed Tizen-based smart system, the latest gaming features, and even, despite the ultra-slim design, a clever object tracking sound audio system.

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