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Two-minute review

Smart rings are a great idea in theory – small, discreet and unobtrusive – but difficult to get right. That’s partly due to the difficulty of manufacturing them and obtaining components small enough, but it’s also down to the difficulty of creating a device that’s genuinely useful enough for people to be interested in.

That’s where Oura comes in: neat little ring that’s all about balancing activity and rest. It’s lined with sensors that collect biometric data 24 hours a day, and sync it with a mobile app where it’s processed to help you understand what’s happening in your body, and make sensible lifestyle changes. That might sound like nothing new,  but the ring form factor gives Oura a real advantage.

Woman's hand wearing Oura smart ring

The Oura ring is comfortable enough to wear all day, and is water resistant to 100m (Image credit: Future)

The best fitness tracker is the one you wear every day, allowing it to build up a complete picture of your health and wellbeing over time. Oura looks just like an ordinary piece of jewelry, and can be slipped onto your hand in a second. You barely need to think about it, and once you’re wearing it, you’ll soon forget it’s there.

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