Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti spotted as rumors about imminent GPU pile up

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti has been the subject of a ton of rumors lately, and a couple more just popped up, reinforcing the idea that this graphics card is about to be launched – with one leak showing some official photos of the GPU.

Assuming the press shots of the Leadtek WinFast RTX 3080 Ti Hurricane are genuine – and they certainly look the part, as highlighted by VideoCardz – they back up past images of pallets of MSI’s RTX 3080 Ti Ventus spotted being shipped.

The box of the Leadtek 3080 Ti variant is shown and again makes it clear that the memory configuration is 12GB of VRAM (as also seen on the MSI Ventus packaging), and the design of the triple-fan card looks pretty much the same as the existing WinFast RTX 3080 in terms of both board and cooling system.

Leadtek WinFast RTX 3080 Ti Hurricane Leaked Boxshot

(Image credit: VideoCardz / Leadtek)

So it seems that the 3080 Ti will be essentially the same as the vanilla flavor of the RTX 3080 – based on the same GPU, with the same power consumption – just with some tinkering under the hood to supercharge it. The 3080 Ti will purportedly up the CUDA core count to 10,240, a healthy step up from the RTX 3080 which has 8,704 cores.

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