Naenka Runner Diver review | TechRadar

Naenka Runner Diver key specs

Waterproof standard: IPX8

Battery life: 10 hours

Storage: 16GB

Audio formats: MP3 and FLAC

Weight: 33g

Two-minute review

The Naenka Runner Diver waterproof headphones are unique among the best waterproof headphones and best bone conduction headphones.  Like most underwater audio gadgets they can store a bunch of MP3 files (remember them?) so you can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while you swim. 

However, they have something most rivals don’t in the shape of a Bluetooth module. It doesn’t work underwater, so you can’t stream to them using a smartphone on your sun bed, but you can switch to it when on dry land. In an instant, it turns these waterproof headphones from a one-trick gadget into a lifestyle accessory good for using in the pool, the gym, while out on a run, and even around an office. 

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