My Linux Desktop "Workflow"

Inspired by a video from Alan Pope who was inspired by Chris Were, I thought I’d demo my rather unusual, image-based stateless Linux desktop system. No one asked for this, but here we go…

Using SystemImageKit I can choose between hundreds of version of Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, and openSUSE (based) live systems, all directly from unchanged live ISOs all stored on the same SSD. All applications are stored as AppImages, which allow me to use them regardless of which system I happen to have booted into. The appimaged daemon integrates the AppImages with the system so that their icons are correctly displayed and they are integrated into the menu. Since it is all based on Live systems, all changes are discarded upon each reboot, including browser cookies.

References: – the video from Alan Pope – the video from Chris Were – allows to boot Live ISOs from disk – one app = one file, simple

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