Moto Watch 100 looks to rival Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with cheap pricetag and bespoke OS

Rumors of a new Motorola smartwatch seem to be true, as the Moto Watch 100 has been spotted out in the open on an official product page showing it in a silver or black case. Preorders are live, and the watch is expected to ship starting December 10.

The Moto Watch 100 can be considered a follow-up to the last Moto360 smartwatch, as it isn’t built by Motorola itself but by eBuyNow, which licenses the brand and logo. But while the Moto360 launched at an eye-watering $399 / £299 (roughly AU$550), the new Moto Watch 100 has a much cheaper $99 (around £75 / AU$135) pricetag.

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