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Monster has been around since 1999, and it’s one of the most well-known names in the world of employment websites. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest, too, with millions of listings on the site at any one time.

This site doesn’t tend to specialize in start-ups, remote working, or any other niche, though, which certainly goes some way into explaining its huge number of listings. You can find everything on Monster, from entry-level and part-time positions to jobs right at the top of the corporate food chain.


Monster shows a wider selection of jobs from different industries than its competitors (Image credit: Monster)

Unusually for job sites, Monster also lists blue-collar work right alongside the white-collar positions, so you’ll be able to find jobs in a far wider selection of industries than on most sites.

Job Listings

Monster’s job listings appear on the left with details about each position on the right (Image credit: Monster)


The site’s homepage looks like a search engine, so you just put your desired position and location into a huge box and click a button. You then receive a column of results on the left and in-depth job information on the right-hand side. It’s an impressive, effective design.


Monster’s filtering options could certainly do with an upgrade (Image credit: Monster)

Monster’s approach to searching and filtering is a little different than most other sites. When you get to your results you can only sort them by how far they are from your location, or if they’re remote positions. Most other job websites allow search result filtering by salary range, experience level required and several other factors.

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