LMMS-VST Linux x64 AppImage (should run on every 64 bit Linux)

With AppImage http://appimage.org/ it is possible to make independent Linux Distro executables by packaging the required Dependencies with the Programm.

I made an AppImage for LMMS with VST enabled but you must have a WINE version installed for working VST’s. (nothing happens when loading a VST .dll if there is no WINE on your System https://www.winehq.org/ )
32 bit VSTs only and LMMS_VST.AppImage should run on EVERY 64 bit Linux. (currently only 64 bit Linux supported)
I had to remove the JACK audio system in this LMMS-VST release because it has strange behaviour with the AppImage.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/b9g8514vb4czlry/LMMS_VST_Qt4_x64_r02.AppImage ~32MB (recommended download)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/3h4ths4imhr5il4/LMMS_VST_without_Qt4_x64_r02.AppImage ~26MB (if you encounter qt4 problems with the recommended download try this one)

You have to make the .AppImage executable: right-click – Properties – and check “make executable” or by command line “chmod a+x LMMS_VST_Qt4_x64_r02.AppImage”.
Then run the LMMS_VST_Qt4_x64_r02.AppImage file – no root or installation required. (if you already have LMMS installed delete the ~/lmms and ~/.lmmsrc.xml directory/file [or rename them if you want to keep them])

Feel free to test the AppImage file on your Linux Distro and report bugs in the comments.

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