Linux User Space Season 2 Episode 2 – No FTP for You!

Episode 2:02: No FTP for you!

**Coming up in this episode**
1. We interrupt you for a public service
2. Mozilla Watch
3. The Tenacity of Audacity
4. We make waves with our app

* [Traefik](

Ubuntu 20.10 PSA
* [Ubuntu (and flavors) 20.10 is EOL July 22nd 2021]( Update ASAP to 21.04

Mozilla Watch
* Firefox 90 [released](
* [DNS over HTTPS Now the Default in Canada](
* The [TRR Program](

* [Policy clarification](
* [Debian Bug](
* [Twitter thread from Hubert Figuière addressing spyware concerns](
* [Maintainer of Tenacity fork steps down](
* [arsTechnica article](
* [Audacity Available as AppImage as of 3.0.3 RC1](

Feedback – Security
* [diff](
* [Microsoft Defender for Linux](
* [Sophos for Linux](
* [clamAV](

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App Focus
**Gnome Sound Recorder, kwave**
This episode’s apps:
* [Gnome Sound Recorder](
* [kwave](

Next Time
**We discuss topics and Feedback that impact your User Space**

**Our distro is [KaOS](**

**Join us in two weeks when we return to the Linux User Space**

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