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Founded in 2003, and headquartered in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, the USA), Linode is specialized in cloud hosting solutions aimed at developers and all those who possess a high level of Linux know-how. The company provides high-performance hosting infrastructure to over 800,000 customers around the world allowing them to deploy cloud servers, use native SSDs on a superfast 40GB/s network and utilize superior headwear like E5 processors.

Linode also offers additional services such as infrastructure management, so-called “NodeBalancers” which are (as the name suggests) load balancers as a service, a DNS manager, block and object storages, professional consultations and more. Although Linode was launched as a company “built by developers for developers”, they continue to follow trends in technology and grow together with them aiming to serve a wider customer base.

Data Centers

Linode has 11 data center locations worldwide (Image credit: Linode)

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