Lightyear review: an absorbing cosmic adventure that soars to infinity and beyond

If there’s one word that summed up the concept of Pixar’s Lightyear when it was first announced, it’s confusion. The Disney subsidiary’s 26th animated film is one that can be framed in many ways: it’s a Toy Story spin-off, but one that doesn’t feature the iconic toys; it’s also a semi-prequel of sorts, it being the film that inspired Buzz Lightyear’s toy range in the Toy Story franchise; and to further complicate matters, it’s an in-universe Pixar film – one utterly adored by Andy, Toy Story’s human protagonist – subsequently and distinctly meta in its approach.

Key info

– Releasing theaters on Friday, June 17
– 26th Pixar animated feature film
– Focuses on the origin story of Buzz Lightyear
– Buzz voiced by former Marvel star Chris Evans
– Directed by Angus MacLane; produced by Galyn Susman

None of the above, though, is detrimental to the joyous, intergalactic romp that Lightyear is. Pixar’s latest feature-length project is a soaring, cosmic action-adventure flick that’s as much a celebration of classic sci-fi as it is of the Toy Story series. It’s a tad formulaic on occasion, but Lightyear’s thrilling action, humor, and heart help it shine as one of the brightest stars in the Pixar sky. 

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