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Two-minute review

Lenovo proclaims the Legion S7 (short for Slim 7) to be ‘the world’s lightest RTX laptop’, which turned out to be an easily disproved statement. The actual lightest RTX laptop is the ROG Flow Z13 from Asus, although that device’s detachable keyboard and dinky 13-inch touchscreen arguably qualify it as more of a hybrid tablet than a true laptop, so we’ll allow Lenovo the loophole.

With a weight of 1.9kg, it’s still hard to deny that the Legion S7 is impressively lightweight given its 15.6-inch display and full-scale keyboard. At less than 20mm thick, it lives up to the ‘slim’ moniker too, but doesn’t appear to remotely compromise itself for that slender form factor. In fact, the Legion S7 sits among the very best gaming laptops in terms of design and build quality, despite the relatively sensible asking price of $1,770 (£1,500, around AU$2,510).

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