Labyrinthine is the hidden co-op horror gem you need to play this Halloween

I should have known better. Everyone knows that nothing good comes from anything that involves a labyrinth – especially at night. This is the exact reason I don’t watch the Labyrinth movie (well that and the puppets). That’s right, this is bloody David Bowie’s fault. 

As I cautiously move forwards down the foggy, hedge-lined path ahead, with only a dim torch lighting my way, I ferociously drop pink glowsticks in hope that they’ll lead one of my friends to my location. We got split up some time ago but, due to having the navigational skills of rocks, we hadn’t been able to find each other again. Instead, we’re communicating over Discord – not that it helps. This labyrinth we’re trapped in is full of routes that look the same and our method of dropping glowsticks everywhere we go becomes redundant when half of the maze is covered in the pink glowsticks – we would perish in an apocalypse. 

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