iPad Pro M1: what app developers can do with Apple’s new chipset

The iPad Pro 2021 augments the already niche-dominating iPad Pro 2020 in several ways, including expanding the RAM up to 16GB and the storage up to 2TB, both likely attractive to the tablet power users who had favored the top-tier devices. But implementing the M1 chipset – quite literally the same silicon powering the latest MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac models – could dramatically expand what the newest iPad Pros are capable of.

We haven’t heard anything official about what the silicon can do for first-party apps, let alone any changes coming to iPadOS. But we have talked to third-party developers of big apps to discuss what doors the M1 chipset opens up for them – and by extension, how they’ll take the iPad Pro 2021 beyond the capabilities of its predecessors.

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