How Diablo Immortal is bringing MMO faction-vs-faction PvP to mobile

 We got our hands on the still unreleased Diablo Immortal, the free-to-play mobile version of the classic action RPG, and its hack-and-slash looting gameplay lives up to the franchise. But at the online BlizzCon 2021 earlier this year, Blizzard revealed that the mobile game has big MMO elements – mostly in its complex faction-vs-faction PvP system, Cycle of Strife. So how does it work?

The player-vs-player mechanics of Diablo Immortal, which is currently in a closed alpha for players in select regions and doesn’t have a release date yet (we asked), are different than how most mobile multiplayer games do PvP. Instead of individual players climbing a leaderboard and focusing on their own reputation, Diablo Immortal’s system is designed to engage the whole playerbase, as the game’s team explained to TechRadar.

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