Here’s why Oppo’s upcoming foldable phone could be a real Samsung Galaxy Z Fold rival

Although the biggest name in foldable phones is arguably Samsung, with its top-spec Galaxy Z Fold 3 being its most recent top-end bending handset, a rival device from Oppo might take the top spot soon.

We’ve heard rumors about the Oppo Find N for a while now, though that name isn’t official. Judging by its rumors and specs, it sounds like this could be a contender for the top entry in our list of the best foldable phones – and some rumors claim it could launch very, very soon.

What we know about the Oppo foldable phone

(Image credit: Future)

Rumors point to the Oppo Find N having a screen between 7.8 and 8 inches across when it’s unfolded. The main display will apparently have a 120Hz refresh rate, though the outer one is said to be stuck at 60Hz.

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