Gryphon AX Router review | TechRadar

One-minute review

Parental controls on devices are nothing new, but if you want to take things a bit further than that, you can invest in the Gryphon AX router to really control your family’s internet access. This sleek looking device is the latest offering from Gryphon, and like its previous models comes with a whole host of parental controls baked into the router, so that no matter what device connects to your network, you can ensure that your other devices and family members are kept safe.

The Gryphon AX is a mesh router, so you can pair two of them together to blanket Wi-Fi across your home. Given than just one unit can cover a space of 3,000 sq ft, it’s a remarkable system to use that pretty much eliminates any dead zones in your home. Its minimalistic look also makes it easy to hide in plain sight, and with no antennae sticking out or bright flashing lights, the Gryphon AX easily blends into any environment it’s setup in.

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