Google’s Fuchsia OS is now powering the first-gen Nest Hub

Google’s Fuchsia OS has been in development since 2016. For a long time, it had an air of mystery surrounding it and no one actually knew how this OS will pan out. However, it was in December last year when Google made the operating system public, we heard some sort of official information about this OS.

All of a sudden now, Google has announced that this built-from-scratch operating system will power the first-generation Nest Hub. The software update that is rolling out now will replace the Linux-based Cast OS powering the Nest hub that was released first in 2018 with Fuchsia OS.

Google has stated that thanks to Flutter, while users will not realize any difference since all the features on the Nest Hub will remain the same, the operating system powering the smart home device will get updated.

Nest hub, Fuchsia OS

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

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