Google is reportedly trying new ways to trigger Google Assistant

The most common thing with most digital assistants today is that they all are linked with a hotword that you need to probably shout in order to get the job done. Be it, Siri for Apple devices, Google Assistant for Android or Alexa, they only get active when users summon them with the right keyword.

However, it seems Google wants to change the way you trigger the Google Assistant on your phone. After digging into the codes of the Google Android app, folks at XDA-Developers have found out that Google will let users trigger the Google Assistant by simply pressing the power button.

(Image credit: Google)

In the past as well, Google has tried multiple ways to invoke the Google Assistant to improve the user experience as summoning the digital assistant in a noisy environment had a high rate of failures. As a result, we saw some phones came with a squeeze the sides option to trigger the Google assistant while some OEMs introduced a dedicated button to do so, however, these didn’t become commonplace.

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