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It’s been a while since writing assist tools arrived on the market, and they’ve managed to establish a solid reputation among professional writers and even some hobbyist communities. There is a lot to gain from using a comprehensive solution that analyzes your writing and suggests potential improvements, and there is no shortage of options for that on the current market. If you’ve never used a tool like this, it’s definitely something worth checking out if you want your words to flow more smoothly.

Ginger offers a good range of features to help you improve your writing and polish your work to perfection. It will analyze your text in various ways and suggest improvements, and it will even help you train your style in an ongoing manner. It has various features that you may or may not need, and at the same time offers everything in a comprehensive package that doesn’t take long to get used to. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already used similar tools in the past or if this is your first one, Ginger is definitely worth checking out.


Ginger becomes significantly less expensive per month if you sign up for an annual or two year plan (Image credit: Ginger Software)

Plans and pricing

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