GameStop PS5 restock live blog: time, Twitter tracker, store locations and crowds


GameStop PS5 restocks in-store events remain rare

(Image credit: Matt Swider / Instagram)

The last time there was an in-store PS5 restock event in the US, it was at GameStop nearly one month ago. These in-person events are rare; and most times PS5 is for sale online. There have been three PS5 restock in-store events so far in 2021 for PS5 – besides the two at GameStop in the last 23 days ago, Best Buy also had a restock on September 23.

We interviewed people who waited in GameStop’s line for nearly three days to be first in line to get the console. On the tail end of the line – which consisted to 43 new PS5 owners (that’s how much inventory there was at that store and most locations – were people who showed up just 30 minutes before opening. That’s better for your sleep patterns, but awful risky.

We’re back reporting live from the second GameStop restock event.

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