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High-capacity battery power stations could spell the end for the ubiquitous gas generator. Together with solar panels and the increasing cost of gas, people have more reasons to switch to an alternative energy source. Does this signal the end for the gas generator? 

Not so fast. EcoFlow has revisited the classic generator, giving it a few tricks along the way. Its latest product, the EcoFlow Smart Generator (opens in new tab), is a highly sophisticated gas-powered generator that works closely with other EcoFlow products such as the Delta Pro battery station. It is an attempt to solve the problem of power outages lasting longer than a few hours which is the bane of battery-based power solutions.

The question is whether the EcoFlow Smart Generator is one of the best portable power stations (opens in new tab). Read on to find out.

EcoFlow Smart Generator front

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EcoFlow Smart Generator: Price and Availability 

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