Cyberpunk 2077 pushes all updates and DLC into 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be facing further delays after an update to the game’s post-launch roadmap shows that all “updates, improvements, and free DLCs” can now be expected in 2022, rather than towards the end of 2021 as was originally shown.

The updated roadmap, published in late October on the Cyberpunk 2077 website, shows that the release plan for 2021 now ends with Patch 1.31, which was released back in September of this year. The game’s free next-gen update is scheduled for Q1 2022 and all other “updates, improvements, and free DLCs” appear alongside that period and beyond.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

A specific reason for the change hasn’t been given but it does come only a couple of weeks after CD Projekt Red announced that the game’s next-gen upgrades for Xbox Series X and PS5 have been pushed to Q1 2022, alongside the next-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3 getting pushed to Q2 2022. These delays were implemented as a result of “recommendations supplied by teams supervising both games” and a desire to “make it right”. 

Analysis: New year, new Cyberpunk

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