Cyber Monday iPad live blog: the best Apple tablet deals right now


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OK, iPad lovers – here’s the best deal you’re going to find right now: the iPad Pro for $100 at Amazon (if you’re in the US).

It’s for the iPad Pro 12.9 – an exceptional model, and the one that I love the most for the larger-screened experience it brings.

It’s down from $1099 to $999, which is only 9% off, but a decent saving for something that we rate as a tablet… the screen alone is to die for.

If you want to go up in the sizes, you can get the 1TB version for $1699, which is another $100 off but is a smaller saving.

It's an ipad leaning against some red books

(Image credit: Future)

OK, we’ve spent the 72 hours over Black Friday looking for the best Cyber Monday iPad deals, and – we have to be honest – the deals are drying up a little bit as we approach the actual day itself.

That said, it’s not all terrible. There are some deals available above, but in the main we’re not seeing the same sales that appeared on Black Friday.

Fear not though, dear reader. There’s still a load of stuff that you can do to prep, the best iPad Pro deal we saw during Black Friday is still going, and… don’t forget, we like talking to you.

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