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MXLinux Live USB Maker AppImage

Link to download –

For those non-MX or non-antiX linux users who might need to write iso images to USB sticks, we now have the joint antiX/MX live-usb-maker tool available as an AppImage. The tool has been tested on Manjaro, Debian buster and stretch, arch, Porteus, gentoo, xubuntu and ubuntu. You can use it to make a “disc-on-a-stick” similar to etcher, and if you happen to be making a antiX/MX family live-usb, you can use the “full-featured” mode as well to be able to access our persistence features right on the first boot of your live-usb!

The 64bit-only AppImage (sorry , no 32 bit) is available here:

Download the archive file containing the AppImage, extract to a folder, enter that folder, and use

sudo ./live-usb-maker-qt-19.11.02.x86_64.AppImage

to run the AppImage.

There is a known issue in that the help button does not work from the AppImage. An online version of the help is available here:

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