Create Linux Desktop Files (an example for AppImages)

Desktop entry files are launchers that can be created easily for Linux executables, including third party applications like AppImages or even users scripts.
In this short video we create a desktop file for the AppImage version of Atom text editor.

Below is the Atom.desktop file we created which you can use as a template for your own desktop files:

[Desktop Entry]

# Available types of desktop entries: Application, Link and Directory.

# The executable of the application, possibly with arguments.
# note the field code %F, use it for apps that can open several local files at once.
# –no-sandbox option is required for Debian Buster or some derivative distros
Exec=/home/$USER/AppImages/Atom-0-Build6.1.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage %F –no-sandbox




GenericName=Code editor

Comment[en_US]=Text editor for development (appimage)


# Available categories: “”

~ Links about Desktop entry files:

[General info]:

[Available Entries]:

[Available Categories]:

[Exec options]:
# we set the %F option in Exec key entry because a text editor should open multiple
# files at the same instance (i.e. there is no need to open a 2nd file at a relaunched Atom)

~ Some info about the –no-sandbox option in Exec entry:

~ Some links where you can download AppImages:
~ Linux Nomad channel @LBRY:

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