Burly new Ristretto ebike delivers a 40-mph electric boost

While some ebikes are pretty much conventional bicycles with electric-assist motors, others are more like electric motorcycles with pedals. Offering a top speed of 40 mph, the Ristretto 303 FS definitely falls into the latter category.

Designed by Colorado-based manufacturer Ristretto, the ebike is officially named the Ristretto 303 FS Founders Edition, and it’s being manufactured in a limited-edition run of 500 units.

Without a doubt, one of its most prominent features is its custom-designed, 3,500-watt, CYC mid-drive motor. It can be set either to Street Legal Mode – in which it boosts the rider’s pedalling power up to a not-necessarily-street-legal speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) – or Race Mode, wherein it maxes out at 40 mph (64 km/h).

Motor power is provided by a down-tube-mounted 52-volt/17.5-Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery, which should reportedly be good for a range of 35 to 55 miles (56 to 89 km) per five- to six-hour charge – needless to say, that depends on factors such as the mode, and the level of electrical assistance selected.

The Italian word “ristretto” refers to a highly concentrated shot of espresso coffee


Some of the 303 FS’ other features include an aluminum frame, Shimano 11-speed drivetrain, 26 by 4-inch Teravail Coronado fatbike tires, a Bluetooth-connected waterproof LCD display, dual TRP hydraulic disk brakes, dual LED head- and tail lights, plus Wotefusi front and rear suspension with adjustable preload, compression and rebound.

The whole ebike tips the scales at a claimed 84 lb (38 kg), and can accommodate riders weighing up to 325 lb (147 kg).

Should you be interested, the Ristretto 303 FS is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$3,099 will get you one, in your choice of 10 color schemes. The planned retail price is $3,920.

Sources: Indiegogo, Ristretto

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