Battlefield 2042 has been received ‘very, very well’ by the community, says EA boss

Battlefield 2042 looks to be in good stead following its open beta, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson claims feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive” as a result.

As reported by GamesRadar, Wilson made the claim during an earnings call with EA investors, and while the overall statement was suitably vague, it indicates that the general reaction to Battlefield 2042 following the beta has been what the company was looking for.

“On balance,” Wilson said, “the feedback from the beta was overwhelmingly positive. I think there was some conversation around some elements of the beta, which is not unnatural in beta. And we’ve been able to take that feedback around those constructive elements and really implement that in the game.”

(Image credit: EA Dice)

During the call, Wilson stressed that the open beta was running an older build of Battlefield 2042, and as such may not be fully representative of what our experiences will be like in the final game.

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