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Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage (opens in new tab) is a full service object storage provider from a name that everyone who computes knows and can trust with the most critical of applications. 

The upper echelon of cloud storage providers (opens in new tab) is a pretty exclusive group, and with the Microsoft offering, Azure takes the pole position in second place behind Amazon Web Services. This should hardly come as a surprise, with the folks in Redmond investing a staggering $1 billion annually for cybersecurity (opens in new tab) research and development. There is also further commitment to data security and privacy as Microsoft employs in excess of 3,500 security experts, and states impressively that it has “More certifications than any other cloud provider.”

While Microsoft Azure is a full service cloud storage provider, within this is the Azure Blob Storage, which is for secure object storage.

Azure Blob Storage pricing

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Azure Blob Storage: Plans and pricing 

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