AppMan – Application Manager for GNU / Linux – My first Shell Program!

Hi folks! I’m proud to show you my first program: AppMan

AppMan is an Application Manager for GNU/Linux that uses, creates, updates and manage AppImages (and maybe other standalone programs).

Near the Script, the installer uses 3 AppImages that will be automatically installed during the installation process:

– appimageupdatetool to update AppImages
– pkg2appimage to compile *.ylm recipes
– appimagetool to convert a *.AppDir folder to AppImage


`appman [option]` or `appman [option] [argument]`

where option include:

`-h`, `help` Print this message.

`-c`, `clean` Cleans /opt/bin by removing all *zs-old backup files.

`-f`, `files` Programs installed on the system.

`-i [argument]`, `install [argument]` Install a program.

`-l`, `list` Shows the list of apps available in the repository.

`-r [argument]`, `remove [argument]` Removes a program.

`-s`, `sync` Updates the list of available apps.

`-u`, `update` Update all the AppImages in /opt/bin using appimageupdate.

For more details, visit my GitHub repository:

I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂


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