AppImage: pkg2appimage & appimagetool to create portable Linux apps (Converseen, Midori and MS Edge)

In this video I will show you how I set up pkg2appimage and appimagetool on my computer to create my portable AppImage programs, taking Converseen, Midori browser and Microsoft Edge as examples.
AppImage is a format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application. There are other formats, such as Flatpak and Snappy, but I prefer this one for lightness on resources, reliability and compatibility with all Linux distributions. I imagine that a software distribution system common to all linux distros can only be good for this world too fragmented to see its diffusion on desktop and laptop computers for private use.

All we will do is run two commands, pkg2appimage and appimagetool. I will not use the shell too much to get into the technicalities, as I am always of the opinion that new users should be accompanied in the simplest way, and not scared as many other colleagues do who want to prove their skills with the shell (here, with this attitude people will never get close to lunux, just know it, dear friends “BTW I USE ARCH” XD ).

I have divided the video into various sections, but in essence the concept is very easy to understand.


00:00 Download pkg2appimage and appimagetool
here the links and

00:50 make the two AppImage executable
normally you can use the command chmod +x ./*.AppImage to do so, but having a UI you can enable the option from the properties

01:00 create shortucuts and put them in /bin

01:39 use a sample .yml file, like these
the model I am using is simple, and it is set up to download packages and dependencies directly from the official Debian 11 Bullseye repository.

My configuration is this:


dist: VERSION-OF-THE-RELEASE (in my case is bullseye)

Many more examples of recipes are available at this link

02:11 converseen, download of all dependencies using

02:55 converseen as appimage
NOTE that the command must start with the architecture, then the command and the *.AppDir path, like this
ARCH=x86_64 appimagetool -n /path/to/*.AppDir
I’ve added the -n option to prevent errors with Appstream, using it is optional

03:20 let test Confeverseen.AppImage

03:30 Midori Browser as AppImage

05:43 Let choose a precompiled recipe from Git
Again, let choose from here , if its available, just write the name of the file without the extension .yml , learn more here

05:53 I’ve choosen Microsoft Edge

06:10 pkg2appimage Edge

06:51 Edge.AppImage, build and test on Linux

07:44 Visit for more!


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