Amazon Echo Dot (2020) review

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The Amazon Echo Dot (2020) is one of the newest products in the Amazon Echo range and the latest Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo Dot – in its various iterations over the past few years – is one of the best options for people who aren’t sure about smart home tech but want to take the first step. With such an easy set-up and such a low price tag, it’s a way to try connected tech without the commitment of too much time, money and energy. 

This small, sphere-shaped device provides a compact home for Alexa to live inside yours. It also packs in enough sound performance to fill most rooms – although audiophiles be warned, this isn’t going to compete with your sound system. You can pick up the Dot for under $50 / £50 / AU$80, which makes it easy to see why the Dot has so consistently been one of the most popular smart speakers on the market to date. We know many people that have two, three, and more in their homes because they’re so useful.

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