Act fast – this Back 4 Blood PS5 Black Friday deal is more than 50% off

Black Friday 2021 is just over a fortnight away, but we’re seeing some interesting PlayStation 5-specific discounts ahead of time. Currently, there’s a Back 4 Blood PS5 deal – it’s also available for the same price on Xbox Series X – which has been slashed by more than 50%. That’s right, you can buy Back 4 Blood right now for £33.85 instead of its usual £69.99 retail price.

Turtle Rocks’ spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead has been out for less than a month, but the four-player survival horror title has already received a significant price reduction in some online stores. This particular deal can be snapped up at and, if you’re not tempted enough by the offer, let us lay it out for even more: Back 4 Blood has been discounted by a whopping 52%. We bet you’re very interested now, right?

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